Hands Free Massage

A deep and effective massage using hands free techniques delivered by the forearms, upper arms and elbows, this treatment is known as the ‘gentle giant’ of therapies.

The therapist uses posture and flow to transfer their body weight to the massage, adding much more depth and power, but with a softer touch.

When working on larger surface areas such as the back, the forearms are used to apply pressure evenly, which gives greater coverage, easing away knots and relieving stiffness.

The nape of the neck is massaged with both forearms and tension literally melts away. Arms and legs are encased in the therapist’s forearms, and muscles are lengthened as well as soothed.

From delicate strokes to trigger point release, the hands free method penetrates body tissue more effectively than with the hands.

Both invigorating and deeply relaxing, this treatment helps to improve circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, yet also evokes a feeling of calmness and tranquility.

In the West, most massage is based on traditional Swedish techniques that mainly focus on using the hands. If you look further afield to Asia and the Far East, therapists include different parts of their body to apply pressure, mobilisation and stretches.

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