Sothys Energizing Intensive Facial Treatment with Siberian Ginseng

During the winter months, the combination of chilly weather and central heating is incredibly harsh on the skin and can often lead to problems. Many people also tend to drink less water when it’s colder, so coupled with dehydration, complexions can become dry, dull and lacklustre.

Failing to cleanse and exfoliate properly can then lead to a build-up of dead skin cells and sebum, which clogs pores and leaves skin tired looking and sluggish.

The Sothys Energizing Intensive Facial Treatment with Siberian Ginseng is therefore perfect for this time of year as it helps to boost the skin’s energy reserves and restore radiance.

Created from a plant with miraculous active ingredients that grows in the cold, faraway lands of Siberia, this facial has the power to recharge, regenerate and illuminate.

The 90-minute treatment starts with a deep cleansing phase that includes exfoliation and steaming to open up the pores and aid extraction where necessary. Siberian Ginseng Concentrate Serum is then applied to the skin and a relaxing facial massage is given using Sothys’ exclusive Digi-Esthétique® method.

The technique combines Eastern and Western acupressure methods and massage procedures to improve circulation, gently eliminate toxins and relax facial tension, as well as heighten the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Following the massage, a vitamin-enriched mask is left to work its magic and then peeled off to reveal a glowing flawless complexion. Face and eye cream finish off the luxurious treatment and results are immediate as the skin is left looking brighter and feeling smoother and firmer.

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