NEW Sothys Youth Facial

To unlock the secret to youthful supple skin, Sothys Paris has created a treatment that claims to make you look up to six years younger in three treatments. The Youth Intensive Treatment fights against oxidative stress and the signs of chronological ageing.


Through five steps, and no fewer than eight specific formulas, experience Sothys youth effectiveness, as well as 1 hour 15 minutes of relaxation and expert application, for visibly younger skin.


  • Ultra-targeted products
  • Expert application methods
  • Five key steps
  • Eight specific formulas
  • Digi-esthetieque®, the key to efficacy and sensoriality
  • Multi-masking
  • Multi-zoning
  • Performance:
    • Even after just one treatment
    • Up to a series of three treatments


One week after the end of the course of 3 treatments: Up to 6 years off the skin*

* Tests performed on 36 people. Course of 3 Youth intensive treatments: Self-evaluation after 1 week and then after a course of 3 Treatments: up to 6.2 years off the skin = average of the 12 best results. Average for the whole test population = 3.9 years off the skin.

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