Sothys Energizing Intensive Facial Treatment with Siberian Ginseng

During the winter months, the combination of chilly weather and central heating is incredibly harsh on the skin and can often lead to problems. Many people also tend to drink less water when it’s colder, so coupled with dehydration, complexions can become dry, dull and lacklustre. Failing to cleanse and exfoliate properly can then lead… Continue reading Sothys Energizing Intensive Facial Treatment with Siberian Ginseng

Sothys Youth Serum Offer

Enjoy 50% off Sothys Youth Serums when you buy any Youth Cream. This collection of advanced serums features highly concentrated formulas with active ingredients designed to target specific skin concerns. Unifying Youth Serum The Unifying Youth Serum, with its matte effect texture, helps to reduce the appearance of colour imperfections and all types of pores,… Continue reading Sothys Youth Serum Offer

Hands Free Massage

A deep and effective massage using hands free techniques delivered by the forearms, upper arms and elbows, this treatment is known as the ‘gentle giant’ of therapies. The therapist uses posture and flow to transfer their body weight to the massage, adding much more depth and power, but with a softer touch. When working on… Continue reading Hands Free Massage

NEW Sothys Youth Facial

To unlock the secret to youthful supple skin, Sothys Paris has created a treatment that claims to make you look up to six years younger in three treatments. The Youth Intensive Treatment fights against oxidative stress and the signs of chronological ageing. Description Through five steps, and no fewer than eight specific formulas, experience Sothys… Continue reading NEW Sothys Youth Facial